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Daiki Kumamoto

Growth Manager

Daiki Kumamoto engaged in numerous joint research with operating companies and startups as an undergraduate at Keio University, focusing mainly on domestic and overseas startup ecosystems. He joined Real Tech Fund in 2019 as the first new graduate, leveraging the experience of having collaborated with the lower-tier local organizations in 124 countries and managed a 1600-person organization as a senior managing director of AIESEC Japan. Daiki has been leading the creation of global funds that invest aggressively in Southeast Asian deep tech startups since 2020 in an effort to resolve the problems that Southeast Asia faces. At the same time, he is responsible as a growth manager for Japanese startups that are applying innovative technologies to the fields of welfare and nursing care.

In Japan, Daiki takes part as a director in aba Lab, which develops elimination detection sensors for those requiring nursing care in order to reduce the burden on caregivers, and Langualess Inc., which visualizes animals’ emotions in real time using biometric analysis technology. He also promotes overseas market studies and partnerships, mainly in Southeast Asia, for Ory Laboratory, which seeks the social participation of people with disabilities, and CLUE, Inc., which provides drone applications. In Southeast Asia, Daiki is in charge of NDR Medical Technologies, which develops AI-equipped surgical robots, and Austrianova, which develops revolutionary encapsulation technology. Additionally, Daiki provided support for the two companies’ entry into the Japanese market.

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