The power of technology,
as a Force for the Future

We are a venture capital fund that works in close cooperation with domestic and foreign governments, companies, and municipalities to provide a full range of hands-on support to accelerate and maximize the social implementation of technologies developed by technology-based startups working to solve problems pertaining to earth and humanity.

  • 250

    Funds under management
    (100 million yen)

  • 53

    Sum of grants acquired for startups
    (100 million yen)

  • 95

    Number of portfolio companies

  • 55

    Number of limited partners

  • 27

    Number of collaborating regions
    and countries

  • 51

    Number of appointees to
    government committees


  • 株式会社QDレーザ

    QD Laser Inc.

    Develop eyewears for the visually impaired using semiconductor laser technology and wavelength control technology

  • 株式会社プランテックス

    PLANTX Corporation

    Develop original “Closed-type” plant production machines, which are used for indoor vertical farming.

  • インテグリカルチャー株式会社

    Integriculture Inc.

    Cell-based agriculture business using proprietary general-purpose cell culture technology (cell-cultured meat, etc.)

  • Aerodyne Ventures Sdn Bhd

    Aerodyne Ventures Sdn Bhd

    The world's second largest drone solution provider

  • 株式会社メルティンMMI

    MELTIN MMI Co., Ltd.

    Avatar robot and medical device business using cyborg technology

  • 株式会社チャレナジー

    Challenergy Inc.

    Develop a micro-grid system using next-generation wind power generators

  • シンクランド株式会社

    Think-Lands Co., Ltd.

    Develop drug delivery systems using cutting-edge hollow micro-needles

  • Austrianova


    Developing novel and proprietary technology for the Encapsulation of Cells and Bacteria

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Startup Comments

  • Startup comments #1

    Real Tech Fund is one of the few investors that recognized the potential of our technologies, and of silicon photonics in particular. We were able to communicate our technological potential to a broader range of society through collaboration with Dentsu, a Fund partner.

    QD Leaser CEO
    Mitsuru Sugawara
    →QD Leaser website
  • Startup comments #2

    Real Tech Fund has a deep understanding of MELTIN’s visions and has provided extensive support since our early days in areas that include business development, funding, branding. This has allowed us to ensure vision-based product and business development, accelerating our business, fundraising, and other endeavors.

    Masahiro Kasuya
    →MELTIN website
  • Startup comments #3

    Real Tech Fund provided strong support in the recruitment of our COO and Director of Technology Development, surprising us with the hands-on approach of emailing candidates directly to persuade them to join us. We were able to experience the strength of the Fund’s business company network when we managed to conclude a business partnership deal within a short period with a major manufacturer that we had always wanted to collaborate with.

    Junichi Furumoto
    →METRO WEATHER website