November 24th, 2021

Real Tech Fund Invests in JALA Tech, an Indonesian startup achieving sustainable shrimp industry

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↑Management members of JALA

Real Tech Holdings (RTH) is excited to announce its investment in JALA Tech Pte Ltd. JALA is an Indonesia-based startup that aims to transform unsanitary and inefficient shrimp farming into a sustainable industry by utilizing proprietary hardware devices and data platforms. Through this investment, RTH hopes to promote business collaborations with Japanese companies and research institutes, to improve shrimp farm performances with tech-adoption in the whole supply chain.

The global aquaculture market is estimated to reach about 29 trillion JPY by 2026 and shrimp aquaculture is accounting for 3 trillion JPY. Indonesia is the world’s third-largest shrimp market which produces 500,000 tons of shrimp annually, accounting for 12% share of the global market. However, there are many deep issues in the shrimp farming industry, such as ineffective data acquisition/management, risk of shrimp mortality due to insufficient management, and the pains of the farmers in sales due to the margin exploitation by middlemen. Industrial issues such as secondary damage caused by sewage in rivers and contamination in aquaculture farms remain unresolved, and only 14%*1 of the products are guaranteed for the quality and production environment.

JALA develops and provides devices that accurately detect the water quality of ponds and a platform to visualize the acquired data. JALA also has a platform equipped with functions such as shrimp growth, harvest prediction, farm abnormality alerting and recommendation by its database, and AI algorithm. This supports optimization of aquaculture pond operations throughout the whole of Southeast Asia. As of 2021, the platform has been connected in more than 6700 farms, achieving improvement in productivity and feed conversion ratio. JALA also operates a marketplace that directly connects shrimp farmers and the processors which allow the farmers to become more competitive in the supply chain.

In the future, JALA plans to not only visualize water quality data, but also develop or collaborate on auto feeders, oxygenators, and environmentally friendly recirculating aquaculture systems. JALA will apply their data platform to visualize the production environment and quality of shrimp and manage the various certifications. RTH believes its activities will lead to realizing transparency and safety in the entire supply chain in the shrimp aquaculture industry.


↑JALA’s solutions

JALA won the Leave-a-Nest award at the first Tech Planter Indonesia held in 2018 ( Since then, they have been excited to collaborate with Japanese companies and research institutions.

Real Tech plans to support JALA’s hardware development and patent strategy. In this round, RTH will be co-investing with Mirova with their Althelia Sustainable Ocean Fund, one of the largest impact funds in France and Meloy Fund, an American environmental conservation group. It is RTHs first investment into the Indonesian startup ecosystem and through this investment RTH hopes to accelerate activities across Southeast Asia even more.


■About JALA Tech Pte Ltd

  • Date of Establishment: May 7th, 2018
  • Location;
  • 160 Robinson Road, #14-04, Spore Business Federation CTR, Singapore
  • Jl. Kaliurang KM 16.3 Pakem, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta, 55584
  • Representative: Mr. Aryo Wiryawan, Ms. Liris Maduningtyas
  • Capital: 366K USD
  • Business: Developing and offering solutions for shrimp marketplace and aquaculture management
  • For more info:
  • Date of Investment: November 2021

■About Real Tech Holdings

Real Tech Holdings is a joint venture between euglena Co.,Ltd ( ) and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. ( ). It supports change makers who give their heart and soul to solve societal and environmental challenges. Real Tech Holding manages Real Tech Fund, Japan’s leading deep-tech focused venture capital fund.


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