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Kazuhiro Hasegawa

Vice President

Kazuhiro Hasegawa obtained a Master of Engineering degree from the Department of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School. He joined Leave a Nest in its early days as the first employee and experienced the launch, commercialization, and expansion of a startup. Leveraging this experience, Kazuhiro assumed office as a representative director of GLOCALINK Inc., a subsidiary of Leave a Nest that engages in smaller investments in technology startups while also giving them hands-on support. Kazuhiro has built a network with numerous small-factories, having visited 3,500 small factories in Sumida-ku, and provides both trial and mass-production support. He serves as NEDO’s Specialist Catalyzer, among other things. At Real Tech Fund, Kazuhiro provides business management and commercialization support as a growth manager, mainly in the fields of electronics, energy, and robotics.

Other: Kazuhiro concurrently holds the offices of Executive Officer and Chief Manufacturing Officer of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and Director of GLOCALINK Inc.

長谷川 和宏.jpg

Committee and Other Major Activities

  • Recipient of the Ninth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards METI Minister’s Award

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