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Kunihiro Ashida


Kunihiro Ashida graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1959 and joined Sumitomo Corporation the same year.

Kunihiro was assigned to Sumitomo Deutschland GmbH from 1962 to 1970.

He assumed office as President of Sumitomo Deutschland GmbH in 1982.

He assumed office as Director of Sumitomo Corporation in 1989 and placed in charge of C&C and Technology Development.

Kunihiro assumed office as Managing Director of the Corporation and Director of its Chubu Office in 1993.

Kunihiro assumed office as Senior Managing Director of the Corporation and Director of its Chubu Office in 1996.

He assumed Office as Director and Vice President of the Corporation in 1998 and served as CIO and Director responsible for the Information Communication System Group, Western Japan, Mechanical and Electrical Products Division 1 (automobiles, aircraft, railroads, transport equipment)

He assumed office as Special Advisor to the Corporation in 2001.

Kunihiro contributed to the promotion of exchange between and the economic development of Japan and Europe by serving in roles that include Chairperson of the Japan-Romania Economic Committee, Chairperson of the Japan-Russia Economic Committee Far East Subcommittee of the Japan Business Federation, and Director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

He sponsors “Top Management Cross-Industrial Information Exchange”, a study session in which the top management of large companies, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and influential politicians also participate. The number of sessions held exceeds 150.

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