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Mizuki Komasa

Growth Manager

Mizuki Komasa joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in 2008 after obtaining a master’s degree in bioinformatics from Keio University Graduate School. He moved to Nikko Investment Banking in 2011 and was involved in numerous equity financing and M&A projects as a vice president. Mizuki joined Real Tech Fund in 2015. As a growth manager at Real Tech Fund, Mizuki invests in and fosters space startups and startups with cutting-edge technology that have space-related applications. He invests in and fosters companies such as ispace, which seeks to develop lunar resources, Institute for Q-shu Pioneer of Space, Inc., which is working on the development of SAR microsatellites, ArkEdge Space Inc., which aims to contribute to the resolution of the issues the earth faces and the expansion of humanity’s frontiers, MELTIN MMI, which develops cyborg technology, IntegriCulture Inc., which aspires to produce cell-cultured meat, and Water Flow Emulsion Technologies, which develops revolutionary rare metal recycling technology. Mizuki established SpaceFoodX, the world’s first space food market co-creation program, in 2019 together with more than 30 entities including JAXA and SYGMAXYZ. In 2020, He established the SPACE FOODSPHERE Association, which seeks to resolve the problem of food that the earth and space face, and serves as its Representative Director.

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