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Sou Yanabe

Growth Manager

After graduating from Tohoku University Faculty of Economics and working mainly in corporate planning at a R&D-type semiconductor startup, Sou Yanabe joined Real Tech Holdings in 2015. In 2020, Sou led the creation of the Glocal Deeptech Fund, which invests aggressively in local Realtech startups. He aims to resolve global issues and energize local economies by supporting and nurturing startups with outstanding technologies in collaboration with participating companies, such as local financial institutions and operating companies.

Sou's major portfolio companies include QD LASER (listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers), which develops retina scanning-type eyewear, Kyulux (Kyushu University-based startup), which develops next-generation organic EL materials, and Ball Wave Inc. (Tohoku University-based startup), which develops innovative chemical sensing technologies.

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