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​Taro Kinoshita

Growth Manager

After obtaining a master’s degree in applied chemistry from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Taro Kinoshita worked as a researcher at Sumitomo Chemical on the development of organic and inorganic nanocomposite materials for electronics and universal-design-compatible materials. He assumed office as a member of the JSMS (The Society of Materials Science, Japan) Committee on Polymer Materials in 2011 and has been in charge of planning and operating workshops as well as editing the Society’s journals. Specially appointed to take charge of new businesses, Taro was involved in the development of new medical materials and was responsible for the joint development, with a device manufacturer, of materials for medical containers as well as the planning and execution of the new materials business for regenerative medicine. Assigned concurrently to a business department, Taro was also in charge of the overseas sales of functional resins from Southeast Asia.

Taro joined Real Tech Fund in 2017. He takes part as a director in companies such as ANSeeN, which develops next-generation X-ray sensors that cut radiation dosage by 1/1000, AMI, which develops super stethoscopes that automatically assist with the diagnosis of cardiac diseases by analyzing cardiac sound and electrocardiographic information, and Miraikikai, Inc., which seeks to resolve the global energy problem by developing a solar panel cleaning robots. Taro works to establish the frameworks for the social implementation of technology, promoting the adoption of hands-on IP support Patent Booster in 2019.

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