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Yukihiro Maru

Chairman Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd.

Founder Group CEO Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Yukihiro Maru obtained a doctorate from the Department of Biotechnology, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences (Ph.D in Agriculture). He founded Leave a Nest in 2002, while in graduate school, as a member of a group with only undergraduate and graduate students majoring in science and technology. Yukihiro became the first in Japan to commercialize “Cutting-Edge-Science Delivery Lab Classes”. He operates “Knowledge Manufacturing Business” that generates new knowledge by combining the business resources and technologies that lie dormant in universities and local communities. Yukihiro has pushed more than 200 projects forward using the “knowledge platform”. As the innovator behind the largest startup ecosystem in Asia, which is based on collaboration among various entities including small factories and large companies, Yukihiro endeavors to uncover deep techs worldwide and to resolve global social issues. He has been involved in the launch of euglena Co., Ltd. and numerous other startups.

Yukihiro's major publications include “Deep Tech: The ‘Dormant Technology’ that Will Shape the Future of the World” (Nikkei Business Publications) and “World-Changing Business Starts from the “Fervor” of Just One Person” (NIPPON JITSUGYO PUBLISHING)

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Committee and Other Major Activities

  • Japan-ASEAN Asia Digital Transformation (ADX) Promotion Project, Japan External Trade Organization

  • Innovative Creations, Enhancements, and Research Promotion Project, The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

  • Technology Management Advisor, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Media Coverage

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