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All people working in technology share the desire

to change the world and the future.

Their commitment to turn their goals into reality

drives them to sacrifice sleep and push forward.

Yet, a large majority of people are forced to give up

without ever achieving their dreams.


Though technology holds unlimited potential,

technology alone cannot make the world turn.

Even the most wonderous  technology cannot contribute to the future of humanity without funds, wisdom, experience, and public understanding.


We identify the technologies that can contribute

to global affluence 100 years from now..

Change the World for Certain with the Power of Technology
Providing Expertise and Knowhow Based on Actual Business Management Experience and a Proven Support Services Track Record

Real Tech Fund is a venture capital fund established jointly by Euglena, Leave a Nest, and SMBC Nikko Securities, companies which have the experience of leading technology-based startups to success. We promote the social implementation of real tech and endeavor to resolve various problems pertaining to earth and humanity by providing support to startups (Realtech startups) with innovative technology that contributes to the solution of the problems. We support Realtech startups from before their establishment to the social implementation of their technologies, offering them the expertise and knowhow that each founding company has acquired over the years.


Euglena is a Realtech startup who overcame numerous difficulties to be listed on the stock exchange. Based on this experience, Euglena shares its expertise on funding, business development, marketing, and other aspects of Realtech startups without reservation.


Leave a Nest has an ample track record of providing support to Realtech startups since before their launch as a business. Researchers on the team develop a deep understanding of the technologies to provide comprehensive support for optimal business partnerships and social implementation.


SMBC Nikko Securities has extensive experience assisting Realtech startups in their effort to be listed on the stock exchange. The company provides accurate advice and support, identifying the technological advantages and potentials of each Realtech startup.

Hands-on Support - Ranging from Funding and Business Collaboration to Intellectual Properties and Public Relations

In addition to funding and business support, we provide IP, recruitment, PR, creative, and various other support necessary to accelerate and maximize the social implementation of technologies.

Ecosystem Providing Comprehensive Support for the Social Implementation of Research Results in the Field of Real Tech

When investing, we place greater emphasis on the seed and early stages, when it is the most difficult to obtain funding in real tech. This is based on our belief that the largest share of risk money should be allocated to the transition from the development of a technology to the application of the technology in the form of a product or a service. We believe that real tech funds like us are necessary, specifically because an understanding of both the relevant technologies and innovativeness as a business is required in order to evaluate a company and its technologies. We also provide support starting from the establishment of a company, working with engineers who have not yet established a company or with individuals with ideas for a new business.

Partners Working Together for the Social Implementation of Real Tech

Companies that invest in Real Tech Fund are experts in their respective fields and understand the significance of fostering Realtech startups. Each company leverages its strengths to provide personnel, goods, and funds in support of Realtech startups.


December 2005

Euglena Co., Ltd. succeeds in the world’s first outdoor mass cultivation of Euglena microalgae

December 2012

Euglena Co., Ltd. listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers

December 2013

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. starts Seed Acceleration Program “TECH PLANTER”

October 2014

Euglena Co., Ltd. establishes Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. as its wholly-owned subsidiary

December 2014

Euglena Co., Ltd. listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

December 2014

Euglena Co., Ltd, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., and SMBC Nikko Securities jointly establish euglena SMBC Nikko Leave-a-Nest Capital L.L.C.

March 2015

Real Tech Fund 1 (official name: Japan Next-Generation Frontier Technology Incubate Fund Investment Limited Partnership) created

July 2015

Real Tech Fund designated as a certified venture capital for NEDO’s (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) "Technology-Based Startup Support Program"

December 2016

Real Tech Fund 2 (official name: Real Tech Fund 2 Investment Limited Partnership) created

February 2020

Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. restructured as a joint venture between euglena Co., Ltd. and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. to strengthen the fund administration and management

Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. changes its trade name to Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. and Euglena SMBC Nikko Leave-a-Nest Capital L.L.C. changes its trade name to Real Tech Japan L.L.C.

April 2020

SPACE FOODSPHERE Association established

April 2020

Glocal Deeptech Fund (official name: Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Limited Partnership) created

March 2020

Head Office transferred from Tamachi to Center of Garage in Sumida-ku

May 2020

Real Tech Global Fund (official name: Real Tech Global Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership) created

December 2020

ACSL-CVC (ACSL1 Limited Liability Partnership) created

March 2021

Final closing of Glocal Deeptech Fund (JPY10 billion)

April 2021

Final closing of Real Tech Global Fund (JPY3.4 billion)

April 2021

Impact evaluation adopted for Glocal Deeptech Fund

Fund Profile

Fund Name

Real Tech Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership
Real Tech Fund 2 Investment Limited Partnership
Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Limited Partnership
Real Tech Global Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership
ACSL1 Limited Liability Partnership

Total amount of committed capital

23.1 billion yen

Company Profile

Company Name

Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Head Office Location

Center of Garage Room02, 1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 130-0003

Date of establishment

February 3, 2020

Capital Stock

50,000,000 yen


Akihiko Nagata

Yukihiro Maru

Akitaka Wilhelm Fujii

Kazuhiro Hasegawa

Business Contents

Investment & Acceleration business, Future Creation Business

Real Tech Singapore

Company Name

RTHD Singapore Pte Ltd

Registered No.


Office Location

Business Address:71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-11/12, Singapore 139951

Registered Address:4 Shenton Way, #14-03 SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807

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