About us

Forging a New World through
the Power of Technology

We want to change the world. We want to change the future.
Those who dedicate their lives to technology do so with an unwavering oath,

sacrificing sleep to pursue their dreams.

Yet, for the majority, those dreams fade away halfway.

Technology holds boundless possibilities, but it alone cannot move the world.

Without funding, wisdom and partnership, no matter how remarkable the technology,

it will not serve the future.

At Real Tech Fund, we discern such technology, giving support to the deep tech startup,
nurturing them into a force that changes the world into a thriving place a century from now.

To all those who believe in technology,

we at Real Tech Fund believe in the potential of technology more than anyone else,

and we stand by your side.

Welcome to the Faces of Real Tech Fund –
Unparalleled Expertise and Proven Knowhow Forging Success in Business Management of deep tech ventures

Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. operates the Real Tech Fund, a venture capital fund founded by Akihiko Nagata of Euglena Co., Ltd., who has experience in leading deep-tech startups to success, and Yukihiro Maru of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., who has a rich track record in supporting deep-tech startups from before their foundation. The fund aims to solve global and human issues through supporting startups with innovative technologies. It contributes to the value enhancement of deep-tech startups by providing the knowledge and know-how each company has cultivated from before the establishment of the technology to its social implementation.

  • 永田 暁彦 | Akihiko Nagata

    Akihiko Nagata

    Akihiko has been serving as Director of Euglena Co., Ltd., since the pre-IPO phase and overseeing business strategy, M&A, fundraising, capital alliances, public relations & IR, and the operations department. Since Akihiko became CEO of the company in 2021, he has spearheaded several change management initiatives such as shifting the healthcare business on products extending healthy life expectancy and incorporating teenagers into management decisions, while leading the bio-fuel development business.
    Drawing on his finance experience at euglena, Akihiko founded Real Tech Fund with the aim of improving the investment environment for deep-tech startups in Japan, and continues to act as Chairman of the fund.
    Akihiko graduated from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce.


  • 丸 幸弘 | Yukihiro Maru

    Yukihiro Maru

    Yukihiro Maru obtained a doctorate from the Department of Biotechnology, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences (Ph.D in Agriculture). He founded Leave a Nest in 2002, while in graduate school, as a member of a group with only undergraduate and graduate students majoring in science and technology. Yukihiro became the first in Japan to commercialize “Cutting-Edge-Science Delivery Lab Classes”. He operates “Knowledge Manufacturing Business” where he synergizes the untapped potential of universities and local communities to generate new knowledge. With his innovative “knowledge platform,” Yukihiro has successfully propelled over 200 projects forward. As the driving force behind Asia’s largest startup ecosystem, founded on collaboration between various entities, including small factories and large companies, Yukihiro is passionately committed to unveiling profound deep tech innovations worldwide and addressing pressing global social issues. His remarkable contributions extend to the launch of euglena Co., Ltd. and numerous other startups.


Hands-on Support – From Funding and Business Collaboration to
Intellectual Properties and Public Relations

Beyond funding and business support, Real Tech Fund provides a multi-faceted hands on support through the “REAL TECH Booster” division aimed at accelerating and maximizing the societal impact of groundbreaking technologies. Hands-on-support ranges from IP support, recruitment, PR, creative marketing and more.


Specialized Support for the Social Implementation of Deep Tech

“REAL TECH Booster” is a management support service that provides specialized support that is necessary for the growth and social implementation of deep tech startups. Deep tech startups commonly face the challenges of shortage of human capital, material, and financial resources, as well as numerous management issues before going public or social implementation.

Real Tech Holdings has invested in more than 90 startups and provided multi-faceted hands-on support to deep tech ventures through Real Tech Fund, a fund established by the frontrunners of deep tech startups – Akihiko Nagata, CEO of Euglena Co., Ltd., and Yukihiro Maru, CEO of Leave a Nest Corporation. Through this experience and the network of experienced professionals, this platform provides customized hands-on support in areas including manufacturing, creativity, IP and HR.

REAL TECH Booster Website

A Comprehensive Ecosystem Enabling the Social Implementation of Real Tech

Our investment philosophy prioritizes the seed and early stages, recognizing the challenges of securing funding for early Real Tech ventures. We firmly believe that allocating the largest share of risk capital during the transition from academia to technology development is vital. From a company’s early days from inception, we offer thorough support, collaborating with engineers to establish their ventures or visionary individuals with innovative business ideas. Stemming from our deep understanding of scientific innovation and expertise in scaling deep tech ventures, we firmly believe that we play a crucial role in being the pioneers of cultivating investments into deep tech startups.


Partners Collaborating for the Social Implementation of Real Tech

Real Tech Fund’s partners are industry experts in their respective fields, deeply aware of the significance of fostering tech startups. Each partner leverages their unique strengths to provide personnel, resources, and financial support to empower these Realtech startups on their transformative journey.

Co-investment Partners

We are accredited by government agencies across the region to co-invest and provide additional support in Southeast Asia.


  • 2005 December

    Euglena Co., Ltd. became the world’s first company to succeed in outdoor mass cultivation of the edible microalgae, Euglena.

  • 2012 December

    Euglena Co., Ltd. got listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index.

  • 2013 December

    Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. started the deep tech startup seed acceleration program, “TECH PLANTER.”

  • 2014 October

    Euglena Co., Ltd. established Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. as a 100% owned subsidiary.

  • 2014 December

    Euglena Co., Ltd. got listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section. Euglena Co., Ltd., Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., and SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. established the joint venture “Euglena SMBC Nikko Leave a Nest Capital.”

  • 2015 March

    Real Tech Fund 1 was established.

  • 2015 July

    Real Tech Fund was recognized as a certified venture capital in NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)’s “Subsidy for Commercialization of R&D-type Venture Business.”

  • 2016 December

    Real Tech Fund 2 was established.

  • 2020 February

    Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. was restructured into a joint venture between Euglena Co., Ltd. and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., thereby strengthening its fund management and operation structure. The company name was changed to “Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd.”, and the name of Euglena SMBC Nikko Leave a Nest Capital was changed to “Real Tech Japan LLC.”

  • 2020 April

    Establishment of the General Incorporated Association SPACE FOODSPHERE.  The Glocal Deep Tech Fund was established.

  • 2020 May

    The company moved its headquarters from Tamachi to Sumida-ku, “Center of Garage.” The Real Tech Global Fund was established.

  • 2020 December

    ACSL-CVC was established.

  • 2021 March

    Final closing of the Glocal Deep Tech Fund (10 billion yen).

  • 2021 April

    Final closing of the Real Tech Global Fund (3.4 billion yen).

  • 2021 April

     Introduction of impact assessment to the Glocal Deep Tech Fund.

  • 2021 August

    Appointed as the first co-investment partner in Japan for SEEDS Capital, a Singapore government-affiliated fund.

  • 2022 May

    Established a local corporation in Singapore as a base for expansion in Southeast Asia and globally.

  • 2022 July

    Started the manufacturing support service “Manufacturing Booster” for deep tech startups.

  • 2022 Semptember

    Launched “Manufacturing Booster,” a manufacturing support service for startupsd

  • 2023 March

    Appointed as the first co-investment partner in Japan for the Startup Venture Fund, a Philippine government-affiliated fund.

Fund Profile

  • Fund Name

    Real Tech Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership
    Real Tech Fund 2 Investment Limited Partnership
    Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Limited Partnership
    Real Tech Global Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership
    Real Tech Growth Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership
    ACSL1 Limited Liability Partnership

  • Total amount of committed capital

    23.8 billion yen

Company Profile

  • Company Name

    Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd.

  • Head Office Location

    Center of Garage Room02, 1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 130-0003

  • Date of establishment

    February 3, 2020

  • Capital Stock

    50,000,000 yen

  • Representative

    Akihiko Nagata
    Yukihiro Maru
    Akitaka Wilhelm Fujii
    Kazuhiro Hasegawa

  • Business Contents

    Investment & Acceleration business, Future Creation Business

Real Tech Singapore

  • Company Name

    RTHD Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Registered No.


  • Office Location

    Business Address:71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-11/12, Singapore 139951
    Registered Address:4 Shenton Way, #14-03 SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807