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Akihiko Nagata

Chairman Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd.

Director, Representative Executive Officer, CEO Euglena Co., Ltd

Akihiko Nagata joined Inspire Corporation in 2007 following graduation from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce. Akihiko assumed office as a director of Euglena Co., Ltd. in 2008. He oversaw business strategy, M&A, funding, capital tie-up, PR, IR, and administration departments since before the company’s listing on the stock exchange. Akihiko currently executes all businesses as the COO, rebranding with view to a longer healthier life, developing biofuels for a decarbonized society, and promoting next-generation business management through efforts that include designing a system for involving teenagers and preteens in business management. Based on personal experience with the funding environment at time Euglena Co., Ltd. was still unlisted, Akihiko founded Real Tech Fund to create an environment in Japan that encourages investment in technology-based startups. Akihiko serves as Chairman of the Fund.
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Committee and Other Major Activities

  • Member, New SBIR System Acceleration Project, Government of Japan Cabinet Office

  • Program Advisory Board for the Creation of a Model Base for Industry-Academia Integration, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Member, J-Startup Study Group, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • (Former) Member, Industrial Technology Research Project, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Media Coverage

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