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Fumiharu Muroga

Growth Manager

Fumiharu Muroga joined (transferred to) a venture capital established as a subsidiary of Hikari Tsushin Inc. (Hikari Tsushin Capital Inc.) and experienced all aspects of investment operations ranging from overall fund administration, due diligence, and closing of investments to the fostering of and exit from portfolio companies. (Fund size: JPY 57 million)

Fumiharu moved to SBI Investment Co., Ltd. in 2009. Acquired 15 years of experience in VC operations prior to transferring to euglena in 2014.

He established Euglena Investment in 2015 and created funds specializing in seed-stage technology startups (Real Tech Fund). In order to enhance the support for technology-based companies, Fumiharu ensured that fund partners were operating companies from various industries, thereby establishing a framework for facilitating collaborations, such as the development of joint ventures with large corporations.

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  • NEDO「バイオ産業におけるESG投資指標の開発に向けた調査研究会」委員

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