September 28th, 2023

Real Tech Holdings is pleased to announce its investment in HYDRONEXT – a deep-tech startup developing  Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Refinement Systems

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REAL TECH Holdings | 新規出資のお知らせ | 株式会社ハイドロネクスト | 超高純度水素の精製システムを開発

Real Tech Fund*1, operated by Real Tech Holdings, Inc. (Location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yukihiro Maru, Akihiko Nagata), has made an investment in HYDRONEXT Inc. (Headquarters: Oita City, Oita Prefecture, President and CEO: Masahiro Nagai), a deeptech-startup specializes in pioneering ultra-high purity hydrogen refinement technologies. . Using the funds raised in this round, Hydronext will scale up its ultra-high purity hydrogen purification system and further develop a system that utilizes unused gas for hydrogen purification.

Development of a new hydrogen refining method for highly efficient hydrogen recycling

Hydronext is on a mission to revolutionize industries with its ultra-high purity hydrogen purification system. With the expansion of the SiC semiconductor market, the industrial demand for ultra-high purity hydrogen is increasing. A standout feature of Hydronext’s system is its use of a vanadium metal membrane. This approach harnesses vanadium (a material once deemed challenging due to hydrogen embrittlement issues) as a viable separation membrane by optimizing conditions, structure, and properties. . This technology not only allows for the low-cost purification of ultra-high purity hydrogen but also contributes to the establishment of an efficient energy circulation system by offering a method of extracting hydrogen from previously untapped gas sources.

■Purpose and Use of Fundraising:

Through joint research with multiple companies, Hydronext will broaden the application of purified gasses and accelerate the application of its specialized membrane technology. 

 Furthermore, Hydronext will continue to develop new modules to scale up the hydrogen purification device where purification quantity has been a challenge.


↑Hydronext’s Hydrogen Purification Device

■Comment from the Representative:

While various kinds of hydrogen purification methods exist, Hydronext’s approach, utilizing vanadium metal, stands out for its ability to purify ultra-high purity hydrogen at a low cost and its capability to purify hydrogen from a diverse range of raw gasses, offering a clear advantage over other hydrogen purification techniques. We anticipate a widespread adoption of this new hydrogen purification method, primarily focusing on its use in power semiconductor manufacturing, among others. We look forward to working alongside Mr. Nagai,  a visionary leader with an unwavering commitment to this technology and who has garnered immense trust from his team. We are excited to forge ahead with a team centered around Mr. Nagai.
(Sou Yanbe, Director and Executive Officer, Real Tech Holdings, Inc.)

*1 Official Name: “Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Business Limited Liability Association” (commonly known as “Global Deep Tech Fund”).


  • Established: December 2015
  • Location: 650-2 Misasa, Oita City, Oita Prefecture
  • Representative: Masahiro Nagai
  • Capital: 38.9 million yen
  • Business: Research and development of hydrogen purification devices
  • Official Website:
  • Investment Period: July 2023

■About Real Tech Holdings:

Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. is committed to addressing societal challenges through the investment and nurturing of deep tech startups with innovative technologies (Real Tech). Our venture capital fund, “Real Tech Fund,” was established by Akihiko Nagata, CEO of Euglena Co., Ltd., who has a proven track record of successfully guiding deep tech startups, and Yukihiro Maru, CEO of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., who possesses extensive experience in supporting deep tech startups from their early stages. We work closely with governments, companies, and municipalities both domestically and internationally, providing hands-on support to enhance the value of deep tech startups. With over 20 billion JPY in managed assets, Real Tech Fund has invested in over 90 startups in Japan and globally. In 2021, it established the first impact investment fund in Japan focused on the deep tech sector.


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