June 8th, 2023

Real Tech Fund, formed a strategic partnership with Deep Science Ventures a UK-based deep tech startup creator

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REAL TECH FUND | Deep Science Ventures

Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. (located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, with representatives Yukihiro Maru and Akihiko Nagata, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is delighted to announce our first investment in the European region through the Real Tech Global Fund *1. Our investment is in Deep Science Ventures Limited (DSV), a venture creator based in London, with the aim of connecting Southeast Asia, Japan, and the European deep-tech ecosystem.。

About DSV

Deep Science Ventures is a venture creator that combines scientific knowledge and founder-type scientists to create high-impact startups, envisioning a future where both humans and the planet thrive. DSV operates in four sectors: Agriculture, Climate, Computation, and Pharmaceuticals. They tackle the defining challenges in these areas by taking a first-principles approach and partnering with leading institutions. Over the past five years, DSV has successfully created 35 startups, many of which have received follow-on investments from world-class VCs. These startups are progressing towards social implementation, supported by a world-class team and a strong network of advisors.

DSV’s Portfolio

DSV’s main investment destinations have included participation in Techplanter in the UK since 2017, organized by our group company Leave a Nest United Kingdom Ltd. Through this program, we have established and invested in startups based on various technology themes. Notably, Leave a Nest UK jointly invested into uFraction8, which develops microfluidic technology for easy separation of cells from cell culture fluid. Other examples of startups built by DSV include;

  • Mission Zero Technologies, focused on biomimetic-inspired CO2 separation and capture technology
  • Supercritical Solutions, developing high-pressure electrolysis technology for efficient hydrogen production
  • Rhizocore, working on technology to produce mycorrhizal strains adapted to deforested areas to improve reforestation success rates

Purpose of investment

Through the Global Fund, we have already invested in more than 10 startups in Southeast Asia. With this partnership, we will accelerate our support for expansion into the UK and European regions. Additionally, we will collaborate with DSV in creating problem-solving deep tech startups. They conduct a startup creation program and a new PhD program called the Venture Science Doctorate, which places “startup creation” at the heart of research.

DSV is an ideal partner for developing a strong ecosystem in the UK and Europe. Together, we aim to enhance support for existing investments, create deep tech startups, build a strong community, and expand the ecosystem.

■About Deep Science Ventures

  • Date of Establishment::2016
  • Location:Taylor Viney & Marlow, 46-54 High Street, Ingatestone, Essex, United Kingdom, CM4 9DW
  • Representative:Dr. Mark Hammond, Dominic Falcao
  • Website:
  • Date of Investment:January, 2023

■ About Real Tech Fund

A venture capital fund that invests and nurtures startups (real tech ventures) with innovative technologies that contribute to solving the problems of the earth and humankind. We work closely with domestic and international governments, companies, and local governments to provide full hands-on support to speed up and maximize the social implementation of technology. So far, we have managed more than 20 billion yen and invested in more than 70 domestic and overseas startups. In 2021, we established the first impact investment fund in Japan to invest in the deep tech field.

■ About Realtech Holdings

A joint venture between Euglena Co., Ltd. and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., which was founded with the aim of social implementation of innovative technology (real tech) that contributes to solving the problems of the earth and humankind. Utilizing the knowledge of Euglena, which has overcome many difficulties as an R&D startup, and Leave a Nest, which provides comprehensive support from research to social implementation of technology, we are conducting businesses such as investment development.