June 14th, 2023

【Real Tech Singapore】Second Real Tech Network Tour in Singapore: Experiencing the Vibrancy of Southeast Asia and Open Innovation

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RTHD Singapore Pte. Ltd (a wholly-owned Singapore subsidiary of Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd., hereafter: ‘Real Tech Singapore’) organized a three-day tour from 24 to 26 May 2023 to visit Singapore’s portfolio startups, partner funds and accelerators.

REAL TECH Holdings Singapore

Overview and background of the tour

Open innovation and new business development have gained significant momentum in recent years within numerous companies. Since its establishment in 2020, the Real Tech Global Fund has invested in over a dozen deep tech startups across South East Asia. As the one and only Japanese co-investment partner for the Singaporean government fund, Real Tech Singapore has established strong connections and fostered several co-investments within the start-up ecosystem of Southeast Asia. Real Tech Fund will continue to leverage the “non-verbal nature” of Deep Tech and fuel the global expansion of deep tech startups within and outside of Southeast Asia.

This organized tour aimed to foster business discovery and collaboration between participating Japanese corporations and the diverse range of start-ups, government entities, and private sector organizations that constitute Singapore’s vibrant startup ecosystem. Real Tech Singapore aims to expedite the resolution of challenges in Southeast Asia.

Some participants’ takeaways include: 

“Experiencing the Singaporean start-up ecosystem helped me realize that Singapore itself operates like a well-structured corporate start-up” and 

“I discovered that accelerators in other countries are also keen on collaborating with Japanese companies.”

 The tour led to forming of several potential projects through discussions between startups. Real Tech Singapore remains committed to providing comprehensive support to the participating companies even after time to ensure the seeds of collaboration flourish here.

Moving forward, Real Tech Singapore will continue to collaborate with more partner companies, seeking to discover and nurture ventures in Southeast Asia. Through such initiatives, we aim to expedite the resolution of challenges and create a thriving ecosystem in the region.

Those participating in this tour

  • Persons in charge of new business and R&D teams at major Japanese operating companies and Singaporean subsidiaries
  • Persons in charge of corporate venture capital (CVC) to initiate investments and collaboration between their companies and Southeast Asian start-ups.

Programme schedule

【Day 1】24th May: Public Strategies to cultivate Singapore’s Startup Ecosystem

Singapore is widely recognized as the hub of Southeast Asia, despite its small size and the inherent challenges it faces, such as low self-sufficiency and an aging population. During our visit, we delved into Singapore’s various challenges and markets, engaging with government agencies to gain insights. Furthermore, we discussed how to foster the growth of companies equipped with the technological capabilities to address these issues.

【Day 2】25th May: Networking with Local Accelerators and Platforms that fuel Singapore’s Cutting-Edge Ventures

Various private sector accelerators and incubators, alongside government-owned companies, play a significant role in venture creation in Singapore. During the tour, participants were introduced to initiatives to foster partnerships between startups and established companies. They also learned about real-life examples of successful collaborations between start-ups and corporations.

【Day 3】26th May: Engaging with Real Tech Singapore’s Portfolio Startups dedicated to Solving Challenges in Southeast Asia

In 2021, the Singaporean government launched the Green Plan 2030, a comprehensive environmental policy and action plan. This initiative aims to secure sustainable energy sources, accelerate the adoption of clean fuel vehicles, and enhance the efficiency of waste and water treatment facilities. Being a resource-constrained country regarding energy and water, Singapore is actively promoting policies and technological advancements that contribute to the world’s sustainable energy and infrastructure development.

During our visit, Real Tech Singapore had the opportunity to explore start-ups that are dedicated to addressing global challenges in water and clean energy sectors while driving transformative changes in infrastructure.

■ About Real Tech Singapore

  • Registered Company Name: RTHD Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Incorporation: February 2022
  • Directors: Akitaka Wilhelm Fujii,Yukihiro Maru, Louis Christian Murayama, Daiki Kumamoto
  • Business: Investment and growth support of deep tech startups

■About Real Tech Holdings

RTH is a global VC firm investing in deep tech startups aiming to solve global issues. The firm is a joint venture of two Japanese companies, Euglena, a biotech startup listed on TSE, and Leave a Nest, a company with expertise in corporate R&D and startup incubation.

The fund raised over 22 billion JPY and invested in over 80 startups in Japan and Southeast Asia, emphasizing early engagement and hands-on support. In 2021, RTH became Japan’s first deep tech investment firm to establish a social impact investment fund.