May 19th, 2023

【Real Tech Singapore】TECH PLANTER ASEAN 2023 Launch: Makiling Tek Scoops Real Tech Award with Nano-C

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Real Tech Singapore Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of Real Tech Holdings, was appointed as one of the judges at the 2023 TECH PLANTER Philippines, held on 13 May 2023. Out of 46 teams that applied, the Real Tech Award was presented to Makiling Tek Inc, developing capsule-type nano-fertilizers. We will continue to support the participating teams in their efforts to pioneer the deep tech ecosystem in the Philippines.


Makiling Tek Inc (Jury member: Director Kumamoto) presenting the Real Tech Award.

This initiative aligns with our ongoing efforts to support and cultivate technological advancements within the region. Building upon this momentum, we were honored to be appointed as a co-investment partner of the Philippines’ government-affiliated Startup Venture Fund in March 2023. This significant collaboration further solidifies our commitment to pioneer the deep tech ecosystem in the Philippines.

The 2023 TECH PLANTER event in the Philippines, organized by Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc., saw active participation from a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including local accelerators, think tanks, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Lively discussions ensued, focusing on how Japan and Southeast Asia can collaborate more effectively. This embodies our mission of uniting forces and promoting technological innovations to solve the pressing challenges of today’s world.

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■TECH PLANTER in the Philippines 2023

Date: 13 May 2022, 1400 PM-1900 PM (CET)

Place: Escaler Hall, Ateneo de Manila University



Photos from the event

Director Kumamoto of Real Tech Singapore participated as a judge and presented the Real Tech Award to Makiling Tek Inc. for its unique technology that could solve agricultural challenges in the Philippines and the world. Makiling Tek Inc is developing capsule-type nano-fertilisers to reduce inputs of synthetic fertilisers, improving the poor soil quality and high fertiliser costs in the Philippines.

Real Tech Singapore will continue to identify deep tech ventures from the Philippines, including Makiling Tek Inc.

■ About Real Tech Singapore

  • Registered Company Name: RTHD Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Incorporation: February 2022
  • Directors: Akitaka Wilhelm Fujii,Yukihiro Maru, Louis Christian Murayama, Daiki Kumamoto
  • Business: Investment and growth support of deep tech startups

About Real Tech Holdings

RTH is a global VC firm investing in deep tech startups aiming to solve global issues. The firm is a joint venture of two Japanese companies, Euglena, a biotech startup listed on TSE, and Leave a Nest, a company with expertise in corporate R&D and startup incubation.

The fund raised over 22 billion JPY and invested in over 80 startups within Japan and Southeast Asia with a strong emphasis on early engagement and hands-on support. In 2021, RTH became the first deep tech investment firm within Japan to establish a social impact investment fund.