December 25th, 2020

Real Tech Fund Invests in NDR Medical Technology, Developing an automated needle targeting system

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↑ANT system to be developed by NDR

The Real Tech Global Fund*, managed by Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; CEOs: Yukihiro Maru and Akihiko Nagata), has made its second investment in NDR Medical Technology Pte Ltd (NDR). NDR developed a medical device with an automatic needle targeting (ANT) system that allows surgeons to accurately and quickly assess the inside of a patient’s body and perform minimally invasive tumor biopsies and other procedures. As a strategic partner supporting the company’s entry into the Japanese market, we will accelerate the establishment of a branch office and collaborations with corporates, research institutions in Japan.

The number of deaths due to cancer rose to roughly10 million in 2018, with lung cancer accounting for about 30% of all deaths. One of the reasons for this is the lack of treatment of cancer in its early stages. Conventional diagnostic techniques involve CT or fluoroscopy of the suspected tumour site, followed by the insertion of a needle to directly collect cells for microscopic assessment and estimation (tumour biopsy). However, this method is dependent on the experience of the surgeon and often involves multiple needle pricks, which burden the patient. ​

NDR has developed the ANT System, which allows surgeons to accurately and quickly assess the inside of a patient’s body and perform minimally invasive tumour biopsies. The core technology is based on a lightweight device developed specifically for the medical field and an algorithm that allows image analysis information to be accurately reflected in real time. It is therefore expected to significantly reduce the time required for surgery in hospitals. Leaders of NDR are graduates of the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, and are also researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). They have spent many years researching the technology in clinical settings in Singapore, the US and Malaysia before the launch of ANT.

They have already succeeded in obtaining CE certification in Europe, and from 2021 they plan to start selling their patented products in the USA and China, especially to large hospitals that are active in deploying advanced technology. In an industry with particularly high barriers for entry, they will implement a sales strategy in collaboration with their existing shareholders, MicroPort (China) and TransMedic (Singapore, South East Asia), a leading medical equipment manufacturer, to accelerate the introduction of their products into medical practices worldwide.

↑Visit to the Japanese Super Factory and Centre of Garage (Right photo: from right to left: CEO Alan and BD Jaenix)

NDR has had high hopes for the Japanese market for some time, since they have been selected as Grand Winner for the TECH PLANTER programme organised by Levave a Nest in 2018, visiting Japanese factories and corporates in 2019. They are also conducting clinical trials with the Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medicine (Department of Nephrology and Urology), with the aim of developing Japan as their next market. We will support them as a strategic partner to accelerate their collaboration with corporates, factories and research institutes in Japan.

*Official name: “Realtec Global Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership

■About NDR Medical Technology Pte. Ltd.

  • Date of Establishment: 14th of October 2014
  • Location: 75 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore (139953)
  • Representative: Mr. Alan Goh
  • Capital: 9M SGD
  • Business Activities: Development and production of AI assisted
  • Automated Needle Targeting (ANT) system
  • For more Info:
  • Foreseen Support: Building collaboration projects with
  • Japanese universities / hospitals and factory groups
  • Date of Investment: December 2020


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  • Formal name: Real Tech Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership (A), Real Tech Fund 2 Investment Limited Partnership (A), Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Limited Partnership (A), Real Tech Global Fund 1 Investment Business Partnership (B)
  • General Partner: (A) Real Tech Japan L.L.C
  • Operating Partner: (B) Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd.

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